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MUFC 2010-2011 Season Player by Player Ratings

2010-2011 Season Player by Player Ratings

The 2010-2011 Season was one of the most unique seasons ever in which United finally, to quote SAF knocked Liverpool off their perch to gift us our 19th League Title and become the most successful League Club in England, and it will also be remembered for our desperate attempt to win a 4th European Cup against arguably the best team in the world at this current time Barcelona.
Although Wembley (the new one at least) has not gifted us our best days, Barcelona duely beat us and deservedly so. Having had time to reflect on such a record breaking season you cant really argue our defeat in that final, for our team, it was one game too far, especially after a season when our Away form was abysmal.
The form at Old Trafford really carried us over the finishing line, only 2 points dropped to WBA and with that title 19 came, and then the depatures of Edwin Van Der Saar and Gary Nevile and the shock retirement of Paul Scholes.
Here is my Review of the Players for the 2010-2011 Season, you may or may not agree, but thats football.
VAN DER SAAR – 8 – Edwin would have got a 10 by my book if he hadnt had that blip against WBA and we’d have collect 100% points at home, and if he wasnt so easily beaten by Messi for that second goal. A man that will be remembered as a great goal keeper, but in my view still second place to Peter Schmeichel. Maybe i’m being harsh, quality saves against Chelsea in Europe to get us to the Final, but again a keeper not as vocal as he should be. Arguably the best Keeper since Schmeichel and we’ve had a few, thanks for the memories especially THAT penalty save against Anelka. Enjoy your retirement Edwin, you deserve it.
KUSZCZAK – 3 – Yes thats a 3, this man causes me grief when hes named in the line up, he doesnt instill confidence, and despite his comments during the season of pushing to be number 1 he never will be. The performance against Blackburn where we clinched title 19 reflected that. I expect him to be sold, a goal keeper that reflects the worst we’ve ever had a combination of Leighton and Taibi.
LINDEGAARD – 5 – A couple of appearances in the FA Cup, but season blighted by injury, signing met with some reservation that he was kept out of his former clubs starting 11 by a certain Roy Carrol, and obviously comments made by our Great Dane suggesting hes not up to the mark. Whether Schmeichel is being harsh is yet to be seen, hopefully a good Pre Season should offer some Reds Hope, even if only a number 2 to De Gea. Definately more solid than his Polish adversary.
NEVILLE – 5 – (Sorry rating is generous but he hates scousers so I added 4) Not a great season for Gary, one to far, pretty much lucky to stay on the pitch at Stoke and WBA. But to be fair we said goodbye to the best right back England has ever had. Again as a season not his best, but Neville will be talked about more for his earlier efforts than this.
RAFAEL – 6 – Not a bad season, but not a great one. Started off the season very well but replaced second half of the season by Fabio (or was he?). Still gives the impression he’s one challenge away from being sent off, but hes young and hes developing better than I antticipated proving hes more than able to fill G NEV’S shoes by even being picked over JOS and Brown.
FABIO – 6 – Again like his twin not his greatest season, but like Rafael hes showing signs that we have some quality in the ranks.
BROWN – 5 – When played did well, shouldnt have had that alleged spat with SAF pre season. Such a shame really as back in 2008 he looked the player we all wanted him to be and the perfect replacement for Neville.
O’SHEA – 6 – Mr Dependable, fills in, does a job, gets winners medal, goes home – Stevie G take note.
VIDIC – 9 – The Serbinator, the man is indestructable. Commands games, one reason behind our Home record, and also chips in with goals ala Bruce and Pallister. Held the defence together, worthy Captain and hes got over being sent off when playing against Torres. Fantastic Season for our favourite Serb.
FERDINAND – 7 – Season blighted by injury, but when fit, he and Vidic are superb. A 9 would have been given but for absences. If he can stay fit next season the rest are gonna really have to improve to dislodge our Centre Backs, Needs to Score More from Corners as well.
SMALLING – 9 – Yes, thats a 9, why? Well hes filled in for Rio as though he’d been at United for years. Never looked out of place and on last seasons performances £10 million well spent.
EVANS – 5 – Not his best season, Confidence rocked, he’s going to have to improve especially with Smallings rise to prominance.
EVRA – 9 – The guy does not stop, more appearances than anyone, one player we cant afford to burn out, potty paddy is probably the best Left Back in the World, a few more goals would go a miss. Again another solid season.
GIGGS – 8 – Tearing You Apart Since 1991, continues to defy everyone, collects medals like a dog does fleas. A living legend who will never be surpassed, used when needed and has not really had a bad game. The question is what if we had played Giggs and developed him in a central role a lot sooner?
HARGREAVES – No score is being given, hes been unlucky, he’s tried his best to come back and by not rating him is being fair to him. Shame, as we’ve needed his quality, a talent lost. (Curse of winning the European Cup? Remember Blomqvist Wins it, gets injured never plays for us again)
CARRICK – 7 – The haters will be on this score but this guy does perform, the stats dont lie. A blunder together with VDS against citeh knocked his score down. Another season another Medal. The man obviously relies on confidence I just wish United fans would stop knocking him, 4 League Titles in 5 Years, if he wasnt any good SAF would have got rid much sooner. Just wish he’d score a few more.
FLETCHER – 7 – End of season fitness knocks his score, another Euro Final missed, and we surely missed him. Still divides opinion which is not justified, but overall a solid season, chipped in a few goals, hope he can stay fit for the new season.
ANDERSON – 5 – Okay the 5 rating maybe harsh or for some over rated but I dont think we have seen the best of him yet. 2011 -12 time to Shine Anders
SCHOLES – 8 – GENIUS, BEST EVER, would have got a higher rating but for a certain tackle at Wembley. All I can say is August 5th 2011 go pay your respects.
NANI – 10 – His best season in a United shirt, stepped up to the plate finally and has cut out some of his imputant displays. Still causes fury between some fans with play acting and going to ground to early. However a healthy assist and goal tally certainly helped sway opinions. Needs to push on next season and do it again.
VALENCIA – 8 – A superb season despite his injury, at times favoured ahead of Nani, the guy is a firm favourate with fans. Just needs to score more goals and step up the crossing.
OBERTAN – 3 – Doesnt look the United Player we hope for, but hes still young, impresses in the Reserves, time will tell.
GIBSON – 5 – Gets alot of grief, from fans at the ground and on twitter, hes probably closed his facebook account too. Dependable performances but at his age needs first team football and hes not better than what we already have so unless he wants to fight for his place and fill in when required a move is likely. Shame, the only player with a shot like Scholes.
BEBE – 3 – Again its hard to judge this player, I am secretly hoping this guy is going to be amazing, Bebe prove me right.
PARK – 7 – Three Lungs Park, under rated never over stated, plays in all the big games, did Chelsea over 60 seconds after Drogba thought they were back in with a shout.
Casual Racism in his song, needs tinkering with since the revelations that to build up his strength his father gave him boiled Frog Juice (substitute Dog for Frog). Again Ji Sung has proven he wasnt signed just to sell shirts in the far east.
OWEN – 3 – Won a league medal, signed a new contract, doesnt play much, chips in a few goals, hopefully hes coaching the little pea.
ROONEY – 7 – Didnt have a great World Cup but what England player did? Whores and Transfer to City didnt do his reputation on the or off the pitch any good. Will we ever feel the same about him, time will tell. Great Goal against the noisey neighbours, again to all you blue noses it didnt hit his shin, and no it wasnt a fluke.
Would have got a higher score but for that early season fiasco and poor performances.
Also is there anyone out there who thought when he scored at Wembley we were in with a chance?
BERBATOV – 9 – Top Scorer in the League, but dropped from Euro Final. Berba like Carrick divides opinion. He gets a 9 for finally scoring goals and he dragged us through the shit when Rooney couldnt score in a brothel.
Hat Trick against Liverpool, enough said.
However his body language is what causes most fans to hate him, he never looks bothered and thats really why he gets a bad time. Personally I think hes talented but not a United player. Hes Cantona without the charisma.
HERNANDEZ – 9 – The Little Pea was a sensation, hes scored with his face, back of head, right foot, left foot. Adored by Reds after one season, has the right attitude and if his debut season is anything to go by, the future is certainly going to be bright.
And for Next Season, lets hope that theres a few new names getting a mention, namely Morrison, Pogba and Keane from the Reserves
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