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The Enigma Which Is Anderson

The Enigma Which Is Anderson

Anderson seems to flatter and decieve in equal amounts with Manchester United fans. The reality is, Anderson was tipped as a World Class player during the Copa America in 2007 where he put in some dazzling displays which prompted SAF to sign him.
Now hes often gifted the United fans glimpses of his ability, keeping Gerrard in his top pocket during a match with Liverpool early in his career and notable finishes against Schalke 04 in this seasons Champions League.
The underlying fact is where most fans are calling out for a creative midfielder to replace Paul Scholes in Modric, Sneider and Sanchez are we overlooking what we already have?
In a recent Four Four Two interview with Carlos Alberto he states United are not using him to his potential and that he isnt naturally suited to a holding/plain centre midfield role and needs to be pushed as an attacking midfielder.
While Carlos Alberto maybe right, Anderson has never been a prolific scorer at any club hes been with, but then again his assists at the club and international level have lead to others scoring and getting their names in the headlines.
The whole issue of replacing our Ginger Prince, to me, is not an issue, Scholes himself had not been a regular player for over 4 seasons, Rooney, Ronaldo and Tevez all took that mantra to effectively turn games around and score goals and create oppurtunities for others. It is also worth pointing out you cant replace Scholes, just in the same sense we never replaced Best or even Schmeichel (VDS did a good job a very close second but never filled the big mans boots)
Anderson himself has had his injury problems and maybe we have not seen the best of him, if by what Carlos Alberto says in a more attacking role.
The £18 million shelled out for such a young talent at the time wasnt just a panick buy, its only recently that weve seen the best of Nani. Everyone more so United fans, especially those accustomed to seeing trophy after trophy unlike the 80′s when I was growing up to be gratefull of a Cup Final Win, expect every young United player to be World Class at 18, 19, 20, 21. The reality is those players are few and far between and if you look at the example of the Brazilian Ronaldo they burn out before their time.
As fans we sometimes expect too much of some of the players, Fletcher for a good example, he got abuse for years then in 2009 fans alike are going mental that due to Fletchers absence in the European Cup Final we didnt have that certain something in the middle of the pitch (same could be said for 2011 Final).
I hope Anderson really makes a difference this season, maybe the retirement of Scholes will have the same effect on him as Cristiano Ronaldos departure had on Nani.
If that is the case then I think us United fans will be treated to something quite special, the guy has got talent and silky smooth moves and if hes as class with the ball as he is class with a brass to quote his song then were all in for a few more years of European Finals (Hopefully Winning Ones)
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